Do I need carpet padding?

Padding, also called underlayment, must be laid on the subfloor before installing wall-to-wall carpeting. Your feet shock the carpet every time you take a step, and the padding absorbs that shock to protect the carpet. Without padding, your floor covering will quickly become worn. Michigan Carpet and Flooring in Commerce, Michigan, offers a large selection of the trendiest carpet styles. We also have the padding that is needed for your flooring upgrade.

Benefits of padding

Padding does more than protect carpeting from the rigors of foot traffic. Because of the padding,? heavy furniture won't damage your carpet, and the back of the carpet won't rub against the bare floor and become worn. Padding also provides thermal insulation and stops the drafts from flowing through carpeting. In addition, padding muffles noise, which is particularly important in upstairs rooms. Contrary to popular belief, creating a softer walk or feel is not the main point of the underpad. As a result, the best padding for a particular carpet may not offer the most foot comfort.


Mohawk is Michigan Carpet and Flooring's primary provider of carpets. Mohawk manufactures padding called SmartCushion. If you purchase this antimicrobial underpad along with Mohawk carpet, your carpet's warranty is automatically extended. SmartCushion is constructed with memory foam, which softens steps, improves insulation, and protects carpeting from abrasive wear. SpillSafe Moisture Guard enhances the performance of the padding. Spills are kept on the surface rather than soaking into the underpad. SmartCushion resists mold and mildew.

Family-owned Michigan Carpet and Flooring install carpeting in homes and businesses. In addition, our carpet store offers other services that include design consultation, subfloor repair, and area rug binding. Flooring estimates are free. We are a Mohawk Color Center Elite dealer, which means we are one of Mohawk's 5 Star Dealers. We serve the Commerce Charter Township area, where you'll see our trucks in West Bloomfield, Walled Lake, Novi, and Farmington Hills. You can shop for carpeting at home or in-store.