Can a carpet warm a room?

Can a carpet warm a room?

Technically, the answer is no. Carpet cannot warm a room. However, it does have a high thermal value. This means that it has an insulating effect that is higher than, say, concrete. A high R-value means that the carpet flooring still retains the warmth of the room. If you think about it, a rug can evoke thoughts of warmth and coziness as well.

What is thermal value?

R-value is a term used when determining its ability to hold onto warmth and resist cooling down. It is usually displayed on a rug?s tag or label. It is not a feature determined by how thick the carpet is, but the higher the R-value is, the more it can insulate against the cold.


Some experts claim that padding has an R-value of its own. When you put a carpet and padding together, your insulation is superior to just the carpet. You will protect yourself from heat loss and cool air loss. Sometimes the rating for a carpet and padding is a 2.0 in R-value.

There are several padding options that you have. Urethane padding has the highest R-value and is considered the best padding for places like the bedroom, where there is low foot traffic. It has a low density to it and is lightweight. Fiber padding, however, is perfect for high-traffic areas. It has a good R-value to it. Whatever you decide, talk to our staff about padding in addition to the carpet and get what is best for your home.

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